Friday, February 24, 2012

You Know When ....

You know when your boss who has a PhD doesn't read an email that was sent to him?  And then something goes wrong because said boss did not read through that email?  And then somehow it becomes your fault for not marching into boss' office, email in hand, and demanding they listen carefully as you loudly read through email, stressing important points?  Yeah, that.
OK, focus on the positive - since it's so warm I planted radish, carrots, and dill yesterday, and my 3 rows of garlic are good and sprouted.  I pulled the wisps of Butterbean's hair up into pigtails today and they stuck straight out, she looked like Cindy Lou-Who.  Mooch said, Bean I love you even though you look ridiculous - let's start wishing for some real hair for you.  And it's Friday.  THANK THE BABY JEEBUS.


  1. I find that sometimes the higher the degree, the dumber the dumbass.

  2. No picture of the bean with her seussical hair? Just cruel.

  3. The Bean with seussical hair resists even Mama's moth stealth attempts at photography. Unicorns, leprechauns, and seussical hair go yet unphotographed.

  4. That would be *most, not moth. Sigh.

  5. I don't know... moths are pretty stealthy... :-)
    I have learned that I speak Martian in emails, announcements and the assignments folder. About a third of the students always need additional explanation and sometimes that isn't even enough.

  6. Hahaha. Oh I know that email scenario well. I'll bet Butterbean looked adorable with her Cindy Lou-Who do and Mooch is so hilarious and sweet all at the same time.


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