Thursday, August 25, 2011

Til Things Get Brighter, He's The Man In Black

We are lucky enough to live right by White Clay Creek State Park, which not only has gorgeous hiking trails and parks, but also has a kick ass summer concert series.  You may remember that Mooch met David Stone, who portrays Johnny Cash in The Johnny Cash Experience, last year - and got to get up on stage and got his guitar pick.  Last night we saw the show again - gorgeous weather, awesome show, and a secretive bottle of wine that we snuck in.  Heck yes.
They opened the show by saying "Hello, we love Johnny Cash"

Butterbean and my youngest sister, Anna
 Pensive Butterbean with chocolate face

Girlies dancing and playing

The park is FILLED every time they play.

Reunited!  She got all shy when she went to say hi and wanted Daddy to hold her.
Are any of you all on Pinterest?  It is my new obsession.  Find me on there - I am under Mamas Thyme.  Come join the obsession!


  1. What a fun day for all! It is so wonderful that Mooch got to go on stage last year and received a guitar pick. Very cool! Johnny Cash had a ranch not far from where I live and it was common to run into him (figuratively speaking) at the Ace Hardware store. He was really quite the legend, wasn't he?

  2. I'm terribly sad that we missed going to any of these with you guys! I can't believe the summer flew by and we've been so dang busy :(


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