Friday, September 9, 2011

And Then He Was Gone.

Our sweet Johnny Cash the bunny is gone.
I wish I could tell you we released him, healthy and strong back into the wild.  Instead we found him cold and still in his cage this morning.  He had been super cuddly yesterday, and The Mister said this morning he seemed a little lethargic to him.  He ate like a pro yesterday - but it was also the day we attempted to introduce solids (clover).  I don't know if it was too soon, or too much - I'm just sick with worry that something that we did caused him to suffer.  He was such a sweet little guy.  We have to break it to Mooch when she gets home from school today.

Rest in peace, Johnny Cash the bunny.  Our family loved you and I hope you're passing wasn't too painful.  I hope you know that we will never forget you, and that you've inspired me to never shoo another rabbit out of our garden.  I will miss your wiggly nose kisses, the feeling of you cuddling up to me to be fed, and even you jumping all the way up to my shoulder to be Pirate Parrot Bunny.  I hope that we gave you some comfort.



  1. Lyd,

    Sorry for the loss of your bunny. I certainly don't know if this is the case with baby bunnies or if it will be comforting to you but a lot of time with bottle fed lambs the first time they have grass it just overwhelms their systems and it is too much and too rich for them. Their moms do the perfect job of teaching them how to regulate their eating and showing them which grass is best for their new systems. He really was a cutie, I hope Maya doesn't take it too hard.

  2. Oh honey, I am so sorry that the bunny did not make it. Please do not think you did anything wrong that caused it. You opened your heart and your home and did everything humanly possible to give that sweet baby all the possible comfort and love you could. Even in the wild, in their natural habitats, not all survive. I applaud the outpouring of humanity you provided that made the remaining days of his life peaceful and safe. Please give Mooch a huge hug for me. Poor little princess. And I am sending you a big warm hug as well. Blessings to all. - Mina

  3. Awwwh I'm so sorry! It's not your gave him love and care and sometimes these things just happen. :( I rescued some baby woodpeckers once when their moma was killed in a bad storm we had. I fed them worms with a tweezer round the clock and I still lost every one of them. It's always hard to understand...bless your heart

  4. Oh honey, I am so sorry to hear this.


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