Thursday, September 22, 2011

The 'Bean

I smell the fowlers, Mama.

Little string bean.  She certainly doesn't get this skinny-ness from me.
So these would be my favorite pics of the week .... Least Favorite Thing, you ask?

Getting OLD

My elbow all of a sudden is all wonky if I type for too long.  My knees get all jacked up when I run.  And I woke up this morning feeling like I had been beaten - back sore, neck sore - and looked kind of like this:
 I'm exaggerating, obviously.  I was not wearing a cool sparkly tiara and I don't wear glasses.
F-ing aging, though - kiss my ass.  

Song I Can't Stop Singing:
If I Had A Gun by Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
Love, love, love.  It's giving me an Oasis fix.

I Can't Stop Eating:
Greens.  I'm experimenting with collard greens currently.  I'm determined to find a vegetarian preparation for them that is just as satisfying as the ham-hock version.  Stay tuned ...
I've also discovered Chia seeds.  They are the highest source of Omega-3's for any plant source and high in protein.  You can make chia pudding by soaking them in alt. milk with fruit - it's very filling, so make less than you think you should.  I also mixed the seeds in with the girls couscous the last time I made it.  Mooch: Mommy, what are these little brown things?  Me:  Faerie sprinkles.  Mooch: Cool!
True story - my kids will eat anything if I put the word "faerie" in front of it.  Mooch doesn't like taco shells, so I give her baby spinach and she rolls taco meat up in them and calls them "faerie sandwiches".  Raw spinach.  BOOM.
What I Made This Week:
Crap.  OK I didn't take a picture, but in one afternoon - nay, in about 2 freakin hours - I made an entirely new garden bed by our driveway, made entirely from plants Home Despot had thrown away.  2 rose bushes, mums, a holly (it's an Oriental holly, non-native - but it was FREE!), tarragon, and shasta daisy.  
Since I don't have pics of that though, here are pics of the seashell bouquet I made for my friends' wedding

(Ignore the kids crappy outdoor play table and the stained placemat - I was taking these to send to her in a rush.  The three boutonierres are in front)

She lost her son at 16 to suicide.  She started finding dimes all over the place and decided it was his way of telling her he was still there.  To this day, whenever she finds a dime she says they're from him ... so me and another friend attached a dime from his birth year to the bottom of the bouquet.
She had a gorgeous small wedding at their river side cottage at sunset.  

Rant Of the Week :
Ignorant hate mongers who start drama.  I'll leave it at that, since I'm trying to release that and move on.

What I Have To Do This Week:
I should probably fold the 2 baskets of laundry in my living room.  And maybe just for fun vacuum the floor, since we could reconstruct a scale model of our 100 lb dog out of the hair on the floor.  

PS  - Jury's still out on mystery insect, so feel free to add guesses!


  1. Oh so much to say! The dimes thing almost made me cry. So amazingly sweet. And that bouquet is amazing.

    I HAVE to check out our home depot dumpster soon.

    Love the flower pics.

    I know that insect! I specialized in Entomology at Purdue - which means nothing really, but I believe that is a camel cricket ( I found one when we lived in VA. It was crazy looking.

    I LOVE bugs.

  2. I hope to be half as sassy as the crone in that picture. I vow once I read the age of 80 to daily wear a tiara.

  3. Oh my goodness! I love those sweet pics of butter bean in her little flower towel. Isn't she too cute!

    Lydia, you are a pure genius! I wish I'd have thought of the faerie word to put before healthy foods for my daughter. I doubt it would have had much effect on my son but it would have been a start, huh?

    Aging...oh honey, don't even get me started there. Love the image you used as well...too funny.


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