Monday, December 5, 2011

Notes From A Crazy Woman

Ahhh, the weekend.  Time to relax, recharge ... and re-visit the ER with your hellion 2 1/2 year old.

Yup.  Saturday we went to a Christmas parade in my parents town with a bunch of friends (Mister was working mids and sleeping).  Had a great time, then headed back to my parents house for a bonfire and playtime.  The girls had 5 of their cousins and assorted friends to play with and were having a ball, so I let Butterbean miss her usual 2 hour afternoon nap.  Later on in the afternoon my cousin stopped by and we were sitting and talking and Butterbean ran out to the other room, then I heard a crash and she started crying.  I ran out and scooped her up - she had fallen off the arm of a chair she was sitting on and hit her head on a side table (we think, no one actually saw her fall)  When I picked her up my Mom said, "Oh, she's bleeding.  Oh wait, SHE'S REALLY BLEEDING."  There was trickle of blood on the back of her head, then the back of her head was soaked in blood.  My Dad was trying to convince me it wasn't that bad but I insisted on going to the ER to get her checked out, and she needed two staples to close the cut.  Mooch was there when we were leaving for the ER and was hysterical by the time we left, she cried so hard she broke out in hives.  My Mom said she kept saying, "Is she going to die?  They're going to have to keep her in the hospital again for 3 days!"  My cousin and her daughter stayed with my Mom and helped calm Mooch down, but she's still hovering around Butterbean and taking care of her.

So the Butterbean is fine.  And still ornery.  As evidenced when she called to me yesterday and said, "Mama watch THIS!" and jumped off the couch while I had a heart attack. 

20 days until Christmas, 15 days until Hannukah, 17 days until the Solstice.  I am fantastically unprepared as always.  Although I did get Mooch the scooter she asked for and Butterbean the roller skates she asked for, which in light of recent events seems like a profoundly bad idea.
We do a "giving tree" every year at work - a tree decorated with paper ornaments, each one representing a child in need and what they want for the holidays.  You never see "I want a Wii"  the one I have is for a 23 month old girl who needs clothes, a jacket, scarf and mittens and wants a doll. 
Here's what kills me.  I work at a university.  An email went out to all employees in our department about the tree and the need for people to contribute.  Only one faculty member is participating.  Our admin staff, who make considerably less than these douchenozzles, are all participating, with one woman taking 3 ornaments for 3 different kids.  I would like to think that some of the faculty are participating in other charitable events, but I doubt it, and it makes me want to scream. 

Whatever you can afford to give back this year, please do.  The Bloggess is hosting another Christmas miracle this year, and if you were wondering about a good place to donate, she has great suggestions and you donate just by visiting her page.  So go forth and don't be douchenozzles, ok??


  1. Well I for one, certainly do not want to be a douchenozzle. There are far too many of them out there.

    One of the ladies I work with has a husband who works with children who come from poverty stricken homes with little food or clothing, crack moms, you get the idea, and our company (employees) are buying the children gifts and a big Christmas lunch at their school. They are only 5 and 6 years old and it just breaks my heart.

    Honey, I am so glad that Butterbean is alright. I can imagine the 20 stages of heart failure you must have gone through. Mooch is so sweet and compassionate. Blessings to you all.

  2. I am glad your Butterbean is okay. :)


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