Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sometimes You Just Have To GTFO.

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It's been one of those weeks - Mooch is fighting off a hacking cough that just won't get away, then I got a weird flu bug yesterday, and now - horror of horrors - the Mister is sick too.  NOT THE MAN FLU!!   Baby Jesus, why do you torture me so??  Our house looks like an episode of Hoarders.  I despise clutter, I love to throw things away.  I've been fighting the urge to just wrap up everything in my sight in a trash bag and toss it.  And have I mentioned our house is teeeeeny tiny?  So you cannot escape the clutter?  Ugh.

So I had a minor breakdown while trying to figure out how to unpack Christmas decorations in a house that's already over full.  And, being the adult that I am, I decided that me, the chickens and the dog, should just run away. 

So we did.  To our favorite park with a huge expanse of hiking trails around it.

Three girls, a dog, and a dream.
Butterbean was very adamant that we try the path less traveled.  Very Robert Frost-y, that one.
This was a pond we kept seeing signs for but couldn't find, until Mooch hiked up a hill and spotted it.  This kid is kick-ass.

There is an optical illusion here that makes it look like my dog is off the leash.  I would never do that ... ahem.
My sweet babies.
Can we hike it?
Yes we can! (Thankfully, no head injuries ensued)
Butterbean was very concerned that people had hurt this tree.  She hugged it for a good long while.  It starts early.
She also claimed this rock.
Faerie - or possibly rabid raccoon - house.  Let's go with faerie.

Did you notice her wrist bands and necklace?  She cracks me up.
Butterbean gave an impromptu performance on the stage on the way out.  Mooch sang "Sea of Heartbreak" while she danced.  Mama was at peace.
We came home tired and hungry and happy.  I have never been so happy to run away from a problem.

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  1. Oh Lydia, you three girls and that sweet dog really needed this break! I sure hope you, Mooch and the Mr. are better now. (Men are such babies when they are sick anyway.)

    I love and adore your photos and the narratives. You are hilarious and warm and wonderful. Yes, we do start hugging those trees early, don't we? And Mooch's fashion sense is right up there among my favorites! Such a pleasure to hear from you, to visit you and the princesses and to share your beautiful day. Hugs, sweetie!


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