Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Hoopla

I really do love Halloween/Samhain, and every year it ends up being lots of fun.  It's the buildup that kills me.  For some reason my alpha mommy comes out and I always feel the need to have the Martha decorations up, my kids perfectly costumed, perfect goodies available, etc.  I find myself waking up in the night thinking "What if someone drives by the house and I *don't* have a Martha carved gourd family out front?  What if I bring store-bought goodies to the pre-k parade and everyone else's is homemade ... and my child has to be ritualistically cast out by her classmates?"
Mooch's birthday is November 3rd ... so we are doing her party the day before Halloween, and asking all the kids to come in costume, and having a Halloween theme.  I went to the Dollar Store today and spent $52.  Witness my obsession.
Will the kids care if there isn't a themed table cloth?  Of course not.  But Alpha Mommy Brain will.  The Brain is also going to buy hay bales tomorrow to decorate accordingly.  Le sigh.
So if you were wondering why a witch's blog doesn't mention Samhain all that much (a traditional day for honoring ancestors who have passed) just know that it's because I'm involved in the more demanding sport of finding the perfect outfit to wear to a FIVE YEAR OLDS birthday party. 
Now to go drown my crazy in cheesecake, that the Mister smartly brought home.  It's alpha mommy's Achille's heel.

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  1. Don't fret. You're not the only one. :) I found myself needing a bit more crafting yarn right around Halloween last year. I hit up the local Joanne's where there were TONS of moms frantically grabbing every bit of leopard print, glittery, polka-dot fabric they could muster. I do want kids someday, but I have to say that motherhood looks scary! :P


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