Monday, October 18, 2010

Honoring The Goddess Within

How much do you take care of your body and treat it as the sacred vessel that it is?
Since I've started on this journey I've been considering this.  I've always had beliefs deeply rooted in caring for the Earth and creatures without a voice.  To summarize, we re-use everything, recycle, compost, utilize rain barrels, and line dry our clothes.  My girls are cloth diapered and I am actively trying to incorporate more vegetarianism into our lives.  But in considering "food miles" and carbon footprint, I couldn't help but think - *I* am worth taking care of as much as everything else.
It's not hard to see the connection between eating healthy, exercising, and feeling better.  But I believe the connection between caring for your body and your spirituality goes overlooked.  When I eat more vegetables, when I run (I love to run - that's my meditation time) I'm more peaceful, more alert, more aware of Mother Earth showering me with her gifts.  I believe it is Her way of emphasizing the connections between every living thing on Earth.  The same way that if you are rude or disrespectful to someone else, you can't help but have a little of that blackness creep into your own heart - if you disregard your body and focus solely on your spirituality, you are slowly poisoning yourself.  And in honoring the Great Mother within us all, don't we honor each other?
There is my food for thought for the day - hope you are all well and at peace.

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