Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Making Your Own Thyme Honey

I started studying homeopathy last year, after the birth of my second child and an awful experience with an IUD.  To be brief, my OBGYN pushed me to get a Mirena IUD, and the thing was horrible.  Cramps that brought tears to my eyes, constant bleeding, mood swings - you name it.  I called and reported the problems, went for check-ups, had the strings trimmed (the Mister swore he could feel them) and the staff at my OBGYN's always said the same thing "It's all normal, you just have to adjust to it"
Bleeding for 3 months straight is not normal.  Having synthetic hormones being routinely released internally is not normal.  My body would cramp and it felt like it was trying to push the stupid thing out.  I had it removed after having to TALK MY OBGYN INTO REMOVING IT <- (let's name all the things wrong with that statement, shall we?)and got fitted for a diaphragm.  Yes, we use spermicide - but I can remove it whenever I want, and I'm not using fake hormones, which scare the hell out of me.  
Anywho, the whole thing, along with Butterbean's birth experience (that's a whole other post) had officially soured me on doctors and hospitals.  (I make a special exception for my kid's pediatrician, who is super pro-breastfeeding, very non-invasive, and open to homeopathic alternatives.)  The kids I nannied for were always on antibiotics and I watched them get sick and suffer with their mom never making the connection that she was not allowing their bodies to use natural defenses.  The antibiotics that they took for a cold would lead to them having digestive issues, yeast infections, you name it.  The cure was worse than the disease.

With Butterbean going through teething, I started using Boiron's Teething Tablets.  The first night we used them I went to bed all edgy and worried she'd be suffering - that child slept straight through the night!  Similar success with Coldcalm and Sabadil for allergies.  I also read a great article on Planet Green's site about using locally produced honey to combat seasonal allergies.  One teaspoonful every morning, and my itchy eyes and tickly throat are gone within an hour.
Thyme has been long used for it's antiseptic properties, and herbalists use it as a natural cold remedyI bought a small plant this year and it grew like wildfire in my garden, so I bought another small plant and put it in a planter so I would have fresh thyme available year-round.  Our local Co-op carries local organic honey, and while you can use commercially produced non-organic honey, it is well worth it to find a local honey producer and get the good stuff.
First, you need to cut  to fill whatever clean jar you are using (make sure it has a tight-fitting cap)  Pack the thyme in and bruise the leaves well with the back of a spoonI also use hyssop in mine for an added healing property.  Pour honey over the herb (or herbs) until there is about 1/4" of space at the top.  Gently tap the bottom of the jar on your counter a few time to release any air bubbles.  Seal and allow to steep for 2-4 weeks.  After this, strain out the herbs and re-jar the honey, and keep in a cool dark spot.  One teaspoon when you feel a cold coming on usually does the trick, but if not take a teaspoon 3x a day.
Here's my jar, sitting on my windowsill among all my other crap stuff:

Extracts post to come soon ...

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  1. Honey for seasonal allergies is a trick I use too. Seems to have helped a lot. I would not have thought to add the herbs though. Awesome!


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