Monday, February 7, 2011

Let's Play!

I really do love playing with my girls, it's just that sometimes at the end of the day I just would prefer to sit perfectly still with a glass of wine and a trashy tabloid and not have anyone talk to me.  Alas, it never happens.  And that's ok, because I have no doubt that one day after they move out I will have all the time in the world to do that and will wish they would come back and beg me to play on the floor with them again.

So, to find my own fun, I buy them toys *I* like to play with.  Like Playmobil.  LOVE Playmobil!  Although I always have to wait until after the kids go to bed to go back and set up things the RIGHT (aka MY) way.  Mooch fell in love with the Playmobil Princess castle, and that was one of her holiday presents this year.  I introduce you to (ahem) "As The Castle Crumbles"

 First, the king and queen, HRH's Druzilla von Hossenfeffer and Earnest Handcock von Hossenfeffer.

 She is a frigid bitch and rules that castle with an iron fist.  He is afraid of her (and should be ... several Playmobil servants have gone missing in recent weeks, and there is a tell-tale trail of accessories leading to one of my potted plants) but that doesn't stop him from looking for a little sugar on the side.  That's where
Lady Anastasia Beaverhausen comes in.

She pretends to be dumb as a post, but is actually a spy for the long-forgotten log cabin dollhouse tenants, who are planning on taking over the castle.  She lover-s on the king strictly for business, because she happens to be in love with ....
Princess Blossom Pepper Doodle Von Yum Yum, the kings sister (different daddies, long story)

The queen hates her because she is convinced she is trying to take over the castle for herself and steal the royal couple's inheritance.  Honestly, Pepper Doodle is kind of just a have-fun sort of girl and isn't too serious about her fling with Anastasia, and definitely doesn't want to trouble herself with managing a castle.  The queen's servants dress her up like that, by the way - she was in overalls but the queen found that distasteful.  She was hating life in the castle until this happened ..

It's Lord Harry Johnson Pfefferneusen, the queen's distant cousin and one-time lover of Anastasia!  Pepper Doodle is oblivious to who this handsome German (?) man is, but enamored.  Anastasia is shocked and heartsick

because Lord Harry doesn't know that their one night of passion produced a CHILD, currently being brought up as the queen's son with her biological daughter. (!!!!!!)

The only person that knows is the night guard, who once caught the two in a passionate embrace and figured out the secret.

Will the deception be uncovered?  Will the king discover Anastasia is deceiving him?  Will Lord Harry fall for Pepper Doodle, or will Pepper Doodle return Anastasia's passion?  And who will the queen dispose of next? Tune in next time, dear readers ...


  1. ROTFLMAO...that was so clever! I love it.

  2. That is the most awesome story ever! My husband was leaning over my shoulder to watch the photos go by as I read, and we both agree that we must hold you to the conclusion of the story. Oh yes, MT, you cannot start a Playmobile soap opera love fest and not expect to finish it! :P

  3. Freaking LOVE this.
    Punky always used to tell me how bad I was a pretend . . . I was in Law School at the time. She's lucky I could speak regular English.

  4. when's the next chapter?!


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