Thursday, February 17, 2011

*Squeeeaaaaaaal!!* 'Tis Seed Ordering Time!!

Well hey there!
The birthday weekend was lovely.  The Mister is funny - he never wants a fuss made over his birthday, and he forgets that while he doesn't have to go overboard, I do like a day that focuses a bit more on what Mama wants.  But I set him straight and Mama Lou & Pop (my parents) took the chilluns and we headed out for sushi at a swanky place with plenty of wine, then came home and slept til 8 the next morning.  Which seemed just completely indulgent and wonderful.  My parents gave me a gift certificate for a massage and a box of salted caramel chocolates - so I got the spoileds. :-)

It was actually in the 50's here this week, and little robins are hopping around and I can see pile upon pile of dog crap in my backyard, which can only mean one thing - spring is coming!  I discovered my new favorite site, Seed Savers Exchange  
They focus on organically produced, heirloom seeds.  Which I am a sucker for.  Their catalog and I became fast friends and the Mister was complaining about sharing the bed with it, but tough luck.  My order totaled almost $50 (what's that?  You think I have a problem?  Whatever.  I can stop anytime I want) and included 4 different varieties of tomatoes, kale, lettuce, carrots, eggplant, broccoli, peas, beans, cabbage, radish, peppers, sunflowers, moonflower, and a whole LOTTA herbs.  Now, my new garden will be 15'x7', and there are all kinds of plans and techniques to squeeze the maximum out of produce out of that space.  I borrowed the Square Foot Gardening book from the library, but here's the thing - I'm lazy and I have the attention span of a gnat.  So I made up my own garden plan and will implement a lot of containers to grow anything that can't fit in that space.  
I am so excited!  I'm buying a grow lamp to start seeds under today, which will be motivation to finish fixing up the dreaded cat room.  And Mooch is already planning "her" part of the garden.  I'm hoping to integrate more of our garden beds too, to mix up the veggies with flowers and herbs and make the most out of our space.  
If all you smart people have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.  
We are staring wedding planning for my little sister - she is getting married in the backyard at my parents, just 75 people, and we will be doing almost everything ourselves.  The Mister keeps reminding me this will be a pain in the ass as the date approaches, but right now I'm just focusing on how much fun it will be to decorate and cook and craft her special day.  I mean, if I can create THIS, I can do anything, right?


  1. There is so much to love about this post! Except that I know I am going to be super behind in planting this year. Like that would be any different from any other year. Naughty pagan . . .

    LOVED the way you closed it out. So sweet. And so true!

  2. I am looking forward to seed planting time too. The girls are growing so fast and they are too cute!

  3. Your children are gorgeous!

    I am so glad you were spoiled over your birthday weekend and btw...Happy belated birthday! There is nothing more delicious than a massage. Oh, gawd!

    Keep us posted on your growing garden. I can't wait to see it.

  4. Well thanks y'all! I'm trying to find a grow lamp setup that will work for my purposes, which is interesting to try and do without looking like a pot dealer. Not that there's anything wrong with that ....


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