Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Scenes From a Lazy Day

Somehow Mooch managed to get her little paws on Mama's eyeshadow ...

"Mommy!  I've got a beard!"  And how about that outfit?

Picnic on the screened in porch on our one warm spring day so far.  I decided I love twinkle lights too much to pack them away, so I strung some up around our sliding glass door.  Mooch wants to cover the entire porch in them, and I just might let her.  They make me happy!

Playing outside earlier that day.  I swear I never would let her leave the house dressed like this (aka baby hooker) I just was too tired to fight her over this.

To her right is where ze vegetable garden will go in.  It will be raised slightly, since our yard is subject to minor flooding, and in a effort to keep the furry beast out.  Where the driftwood is sticking up is my attempt at getting him to stop digging in that spot.

Full shot of the space - the garden will be 15'x7'.  Wish it could be bigger ... sigh.  One day when I get my space with chickens and goats I will have my dream garden.

I steamed and pureed two giant heads of cauliflower that morning, then bagged it in 1 and 1/2 cup increments and froze it.  I also grabbed the last two bags of cranberries out of my fridge and made some chutney, which did not turn out as good as it usually does, considering my husband had dumped out the sugar (he thought it had gone 'old') and neglected to tell me.  It turned out slightly more sour than it usually does - when I got to use it I'll heat it with extra brown sugar to make up the difference.

Butterbean loved it though!
Perfect end to the day - a big, beautiful moon and a warm night.  

And a random one of us at the Smithsonian, we were in the Transportation wing which was super cool, but had all of these life-size figurines standing around that were really creepy.

Mooch didn't think so, though.

Have a great day, all - I've gotten in my witch hazel, valerian, feverfew, and angelica seeds so far.  Working on setting up my grow light today and gettin' my sprout on!

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  1. Oh I love your pictures. They put a huge smile on my face today. When my daughter was about Mooch's age she loved to put on a denim mini skirt and tie a scarf around her waist, fluff her hair on top and dab my lipstick on. Little girls never change, do they? I think you should hang the fairy light everywhere! Why not? Have a great day.


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