Thursday, February 10, 2011

Piled Higher & Deeper

I work in academia and I'm spoiled, cause I work with really great people.  I came from a soul-sucking job (sorry Laura) with a Troll Boss and a big boss who may very well have been Satan's personal ball waxer, so as long as they didn't throw hot butter knives at me I would have been satisfied - but I walked into a great position.

However, there are drawbacks to any job.  

I work with a lot of PhDs.  Here's my theory, and it keeps proving itself again & again - at a certain point you become so book-smart that there is just not room in your head leftover for common sense, so it gets pushed right out.

Take yesterday.  None of my lovely PhD's showed up for a meeting that they were scheduled for.  There reasoning was I had just sent them an email about it, and they couldn't be expected to read their email, I guess - ?
Then a visitor who I had been in communication with missed his shuttle to the airport, despite having a confirmation email of where the shuttle was picking him up, at what time, contact #, etc.  

Just a few of the many, many incidents.  They can solve problems I cannot even fathom, they just can't work a can opener - that sort of thing.

For their own good, so they don't end up wandering into open manhole covers or getting on a bus headed to Tucson because they think it's a rocket ship, I think it's best if my department invests in one of these, don't you?



  1. MacGyver accuses me of this on a weekly basis.

    He's only sometimes right.

    I am by no means a PhD, but the book smarts outweigh the awareness of the world around me any day.

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  3. LOL...You are so right. The more book smart a person is the less common sense they have. I see it all the time myself.

  4. I just laughed out loud at my desk all by myself when I read my name in your post. Thanks, darlin! I just try to stay on top of my work and under the radar!


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