Friday, March 4, 2011

Bad Blogger & My New Favorite Band

Helllooooooo!!  Guess what unusual thing happened at our house?  WE ALL FREAKING GOT SICK AGAIN!  For the love of Jehosofat! (I know I spelled that wrong, it just needed to come out)  So I promise, promise I will be posting more, and I'm determined to fill you all in on the goings-on at the Castle Argh (name courtesy of Monty Python via The Mister).  I don't want to tease you too much but it's getting so hot in there the smell of burning Playmobil plastic regularly fills our personal nostrils.

I spent last weekend hacking my lungs out, with the kids and The Mister following suit.  And The Mister is taking the fall for this one, since he was the one who got sick first and was *also* the only one who refused a flu shot.  Turd.  I ended up taking Butterbean to the doctor since she could barely sleep without hacking herself awake, and because the memories of pneumonia are still fresh in my mind.  But the doctor checked her out and said she was fine, the cough is always the last thing to go.  And her ears were clear, which I am partially crediting to this:

She takes one a day of these (we switch out her daily multivitamin with this when she gets congested)

Last night The Mister was back at work and I was home with both girls, trying to catch up on laundry/dog hair removal etc.  I've been trying to leave the TV off as much as possible, which the munchkins have been so good with.  Mooch ran down to her room and got her guitar and asked Butterbean and I to sit because she was going to put on a show for us.  "It's my new band, Mama - Western (which she pronounced 'Wes-ter-en') and the Guitars" she tuned her guitar like a pro and then said, "OK, this is my first song, called, I Look All around And See Myself"  Isn't that the BEST NAME for a song?!?!?!!  I'm not bragging yes I am, but seriously?  Musical/lyrical prodigy.  Just watch.
I tried to play along on a tambourine (I'm not so musically adept) but was told this was a "guitar song only".  Mooch was more accommodating when her sister joined in on the safety whistle/flashlight combo her daddy thought was appropriate to give to a 2 year old with limitless energy.

So, dear readers, you and only YOU can witness the first official band photos of the soon to be superband, Western and The Guitars, with additional backup by Butterbean Flutterbean.


  1. First, let me tell you how sorry I am that you all got so sick. Yuck! I am happy for the recovery though and oh yes, when Western puts out their 1st CD I will be picking up the one that I had put on reserve the minute I got the news! What wonderful, beautiful children!

  2. Absolutely the best name for a song! Too cute. Hope everyone is back to good health in your home.


  3. hi....i have never had any trouble with the garden totems hurting my plants. it might be because of the angle of the sun being at it's strongest at the end of the day here and not hitting the garden at that time.


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