Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Get 'em while they're HOT!

If you don't already follow Jaz from Octoberfarm, you need to.  I always think I'm a great cook until I look through her recipes ... she brings it to a whole other level!  She has absolutely gorgeous pictures of her home, which is almost exactly what my dream home looks like except that it would be in the mid-Atlantic instead of New England.  (been there, done that)
Confessions of a Country Witch is doing a giveaway today, featuring a basket put together by Jaz that looks amazing.  Full rules are available on the post which is here 
And seriously, if you think you're in a rut in any creative area of your life, Jaz is a great source of inspiration!


  1. I love Jaz! She is certainly Queen of the Kitchen!

  2. Right?!? And don't you covet her kitchen? I want to live in it!


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