Friday, March 25, 2011

F%^& Off, Frosty

Seriously, Mother Nature?  You and I have always been such friends.   I particularly enjoy your summer thunderstorms and the hush of snow falling.  But frost?  After my hyacinths have bloomed?  And what is that white stuff drifting across the forecast for Sunday?

Poor hyacinths. They no likey the frost.

In happier news, remember my little chickadee I scored at Goodwill, and the other birdies I was kicking myself for not picking up?
Ta-da! The pileated woodpecker and blue jay were there yesterday. When I got home I decided to look the company up and see what other birds they made - I want a cardinal, since they always remind me of my Grammom. I cannot find a listing for the company anywhere (it is called On Nature's Wing), but I did find a cardinal that was listed for $20! Mine were $3 a pop!! Here are close ups:

Here is my spring altar. I use my windowsill over my kitchen sink, as you can see the sun rises through it every morning. Also here are an antler that Zacky found in the woods, the photo cube of our family Mooch had to do for school that I love, some shells and rocks in a little basket, my mini African violet, my novena candle, and a beautiful amber colored wineglass I found at Salvation Army for 25 cents. In it is one of my first hyacinth blooms.


  1. I love your Spring altar with the birds. It's beautiful.

  2. Sucks to the frost.

    I love your alter. I haven't had one in a long time. Since we moved. There isn't enough storage space here. But building an alter today is on my list.

  3. Sorry about your hyacinths. :-(

    But your birds are so beautiful!

  4. Poor babies. I know what you mean, Nature is acting a bit sketchy lately. We've had a few days of sweet warm temps and the next day it snow. A LOT. *sigh*


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