Friday, October 14, 2011

Hayrides, Goats, Big Metal Chickens.

We live literally 5 minutes away from a gorgeous family-owned farm, which my own Mama used to work at when she was younger.  Since my husband is the meanest-mean-mean man who INSISTS we follow local laws and regulations and still will not let me get chickens or goats or even two rabbits (I don't want them to be lonely) I have to visit frequently to get my farm fix.
They have fall festival weekends with all kinds of stuff going on, which we've never gone to before because they don't charge during the week and we are cheap frugal.  But the really good stuff happens on the weekends, so this past we forked it over and went.

 This was a giant moonbounce-thing that was a tunnel, the girls went through together and when I walked around to where they came out I almost died.  It looked like a giant penis.  Then again, truthfully, almost everything looks like a penis to me - unless it looks like boobs.

Pony rides.  Mooch smiled sweetly and talked to her pony and asked When can I have one of my own?  Butterbean whooped and yelled, Take off, Fleabag!

Chicken hatchery.  Yes, my 2 year old has a feather extension in her hair.  IT WAS FOR CHARITY.

Mister and Butterbean on the hayride.  His looks are the only thing that save him from getting beat to death with a frying pan sometimes, I swear.

Self portrait, me and my first baby

Wild girls in the hay maze

Mooch with the goats.  I ask her to pose and this is what she does.  I love this child.

Corn maze.  We had Butterbean yelling "Malachi!" and the Mister and I were cracking up as we fed her more lines from Children of The Corn for our own amusement, and no one was laughing other than us.  It was like we were in an alternate universe where prompting your child to sound like a murderous zombie wasn't funny.

And then we turned a corner and there stood BEYONCE.  Don't know what I'm talking about?  Here.

I did not pick the persimmons, but I wanted to.

We were all exhausted.  We ended up doing the hayrides and pony rides twice, and spent 3 1/2 hours at the farm.  And the kicker that during this fall festival day, it was in the 80's and gorgeously sunny all day.  I love the mid-Atlantic.


  1. That looks like so much fun. I wish there was a farm like that around here, but I haven't founf one yet. Also? This post had me cracking up. Almost everything looks phallic to me as well and I'm with you on the frying pan.

    Oh, and children of the corn: awesome!

  2. Love your posts! I was laughing out loud several times as I read. My man was just looking at me wondering.... Anyway sounds like a wonderful day with your beautiful family. Happy that you were able to go on the weekend and take part in the festivities.



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