Friday, October 21, 2011

Sleeping Very Well In Seattle.

I hope.  The University is putting me on a plane and sending me there in November.  With Xanax.  I mean, the University won't be providing me with drugs (but it would be totally cool with me if they were - takeoffs and landings I'm like a hyperactive Chihuahua) but my Mama has promised me some of her panic attack meds since flying is scary as shit.  And I'll be flying with grad students who probably sin their faces off nightly and are bringing a lot of bad karma with them, thus putting our plane at greater risk of falling out of the sky.

I've been dreading this trip because of 1.) plane anxiety 2.) being on the other side of the country from my babies.  It doesn't seem normal.
But I am tentatively excited because 1.) I've never been to Seattle and it will be fun to explore, 2.) FREE HOTEL ROOM!  This cannot be expressed enough.  Bed to myself and someone else has to make it every day.  3.) Quiet.  I can go into the room, close the door, and no one will be speaking to me.  I can pee without the kids banging on the door insisting I untangle Barbies' hair.  4.) Workout time.  The hotel has an awesome gym and I won't have to coordinate childcare to go.
I know the thrill of quiet will have worn off by the 2nd day - but then the next morning I come back home again to the noisy, messy, awesome place I call home.  
And if you've been to Seattle, it's time to tell me where I need to go and what to see.  I am not going to the Space Needle.  I am going to the Fish Market, and there is a sculpture of a troll under a bridge I MUST see.  But what else??


  1. Sounds very exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time! I'm sure you'll have a great time and hopefully will tell us all about it when you come home!


  2. Yay for you girl!!!!! I have MASSIVE plane anxiety as well and 2 klonopin barely calmed me down but once I was off that fucker all was well and it will be with you too. Enjoy your free hotel room and the kidless time. They will be there when you get home and thankful for a refreshed momma.


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