Tuesday, October 11, 2011

These Are The Things Butterbean Says.

After Dinner Tonight While We're All Hanging Out:
BB: Here dat, guys?  Issa snake.
Me & Mooch: No, it's just crickets. (it's 80 degrees here today, sliding doors were open)
BB: No, guys - issa snake!  He's mad.  He wants cheese or heeeeeee's make a hurricane.

And, thinking it's a ploy, I hand her a piece of cheese and she throws it on the floor and cries while yelling, "It's for the SNAKE!!"

You know when you have your first and you think, ok, this is the kind of kid I make?  And then the 2nd comes along and just fucks with you?

Pony rides with the minions: Mooch smiles and gently pats her pony and asks the whole time when are we moving to a farm so she can have her own??  Butterbean shrieks with delight then keeps yelling, "Take off, rony!  Le's goooo!!!"  You know the rodeo clowns who taunt bulls then hop over shoddily constructed fences?  This is my child.

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  1. That is so funny! My two are exactly like that. As different as day and night. My oldest, a boy, is gentle, calm and brainy while my youngest, a girl, is wildly creative, an adventure seeker and hilarious. Makes a mamma proud...sniff...;-)


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