Saturday, January 29, 2011

Falling into the super-mommy trap once again

It is still a snowy icy mess outside, and these here anklebiters are over it.  And I don't blame them.  We haven't been able to be outside for more than 1/2 an hour at a time in so long.  For kids that spend all day, every day, outside all summer this is soul-crushing. 
Mooch has been coughing here and there again, and the Mister sounds awful and is doing his lovely throat-clear at all times ... and then wondering why I'm not down for passionate tongue-kisses.  Nothankskbye.
I'm trying to figure out how to jam physical activity, mental stimulation, house cleaning, and preparing a healthy dinner all into this one day - with the added disadvantage that the Mister is on 4pm-2am shifts this week, so I have to let him sleep late every morning of the short weekend and then say goodbye to him at 3:15 every day. 

I'm tired.  And I have that run-down feeling that always proceeds a cold.  I'm amping up on Airborne and drinking lots of water and hoping that my immune system is in fightin' mode. 

Also, Zac The Wonder Dog and Nunzio are following me around all worried-like.  Zac fell asleep next to the bed last night and Nunzio cureld himself up next to my head.  I'm not sure if they're freaked out about Tobey or are trying to escape from my apparent fatal psychic powers.

I'll leave you with Mooch and her "store".  Notice the blown-up picture from teh Princess bride that I had to laminate - she had already carried around 2 until they fell apart.


  1. She is just a little princess herself. What a beautiful little girl.

    Keep thinking healing thoughts for yourself. Hopefully you won't get sick.

  2. Love the Princess Bride pic. Could never get Punky into it. Here's wishing a quick return of health and that sanity doesn't stray too far.


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