Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh Hell No.

There I was yesterday, being all hopeful and foolishly planning a night out with my husband for tonight ... because we have been like ships passing in the night lately ... when last night Butterbean starts feeling a little warm.  Mind you, Mooch only *just* got over croup, and still has a cough and a runny nose.  
Mooch was the Buddha baby.  When she grinned, she actually looked like Buddha.  She is just a little people-pleaser ... she likes to know what the rules are and most of the time she follows them.   Butterbean has made it clear that not only does she not care about the rules, she revels in being a little turd.  So last night as my blood pressure starts to rise and I compulsively keep checking her temp, I tell her only half joking "No getting sick.  Not allowed!  Mama can't take it."  So she walks around the rest of the night fake-coughing and cracking up every time I look at her all panicky.  
I tried to be good and put myself to bed at 10 pm ... only to be woken up by the little shit at 1 am.  She was up from 1-4.  Mooch woke up at 5:30 coughing and came in to tell me she couldn't fall back asleep.  Fine, go into her room and give her her Leapster and a glass of water and told her she was not to come out until the sun came up.  Butterbean was up at 6:30 ... and I really didn't even sleep most of the time because Mooch was coughing.  
Butterbean was still warm this morning.  I am praying, wishing, offering to sacrifice a goat, whatever - please, PLEASE let this be her 2 year molars coming in and not her getting sick.  My nerves are frayed, I'm exhausted, I look like shit, and I need a freaking break.  
The Mister is taking them both to my parent's house since Mama Lou and Pop have been missing them like crazy, so once I get out of work today I'm hoping to go home and get a nap, then head out to dinner with him.  
Here are my two anklebiters after Christmas ... Mooch is princess mode, and Butterbean in .... Butterbean mode.  She's lucky she's so dang cute.


1 comment:

  1. Aaaaw, they're really cute!

    (Tough to be mad at them, I imagine.)


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