Monday, January 24, 2011

Holy F$%#ing hell, it's f%$^ing cold out there

I decided to get all motivated-like and get serious about being toned enough to rock my bikini this summer, so I hauled my behind out of bed at 5:07 this morning to go to a Bodypump class.  Have you gone to one of these?  They are torturous, but they work.  And you get to learn how to do She-Ra Princess of Power-like things, like clean and presses, that sound all impressive.  I was taking this on a regular basis until my schedule changed, and my back and my shoulders have never looked better.  So I packed up my gym bag and my lunch and prepped the coffee maker for the Mister last night, and right on cue both kids decided to wake up at 4:00 am this morning - so I will be comatose by 6 tonight.
After class and a shower I stopped for coffee and an egg-white flatbread thingie from Dunks, then went to work.  I work on a college campus and have to park about a half-mile away from my building.  It was so cold I got a headache - it was so cold I seriously considered curling up in the fetal position on the ground until someone came along and carried me someplace warm.  I got to the office and it was EIGHT DEGREES.  We are reaching a balmy high of SEVENTEEN today. I called the Mister a little while ago and laid down the law - the minute I get home I'm putting on sweatpants and a sweatshirt, fuzzy socks, and we are getting delivery.  I was feeling bad about this until I came across this from Spells of Magic :

January's full moon is called the Hunger moon or the Wolf moon - This months full moon is named either the hunger or wolf moon because January is the month in the year when the wolves that used to populate much of Europe and beyond used to roam the country side extremely hungry, with frozen conditions and a shortage of ready food. Traditionally, astrological this is a time for planning your year ahead from a more spiritual if some times hungry perspective, it is a good time to be looking back and forwards at what you wish you to accomplish this next upcoming year. the January, Hunger full moon is for thinking about your needs - traditionally you should focus upon rites and rituals to do with planning - Consider and meditate on how best to acquire your needs and your wants - What is tit that your heart desires? The sun transits the zodiac sign of Aquarius during the month of January and the house of the 'group'.
So I am thinking of my needs (see what I did there?) and avoiding being eaten by the ravenous packs of wolves.  I'm not lazy, I'm thoughtful.  

Now let's look at these and think happy thoughts :

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  1. Wonderful post. Yes, it is f%$^ing cold and I have decided to join you in being thoughtful. I love wolves but I don't want to be their meal. ;-)


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