Friday, January 7, 2011

Snowy Day

Not a lot - but I've been craving it, so this will do!
Excuse the first picture's blurriness ... I was trying to stay back so I could get a bird on the feeder.  This is right next to a GIANT butterfly bush that I moved this year, to disguise my homemade compost bin.  Yup, made it with my own two hands after waiting months for the Mister to help.  Nothing like some frustration to help you drive stakes into the ground :-)

You can barely see it, but underneath the feeder is something called a "Beauty Berry Bush".  My mom has a huge one in her yard, and she gave me this baby one.  In the summer it will look like this, and the birds love the berries :

The blooms on the butterfly bush are also purple, I'm excited to be able to look out and have that to see now that we got rid of our crappy metal playset and upgraded!  Mooch was using the clusters of berries as "grapes for the faeries" when she made faerie houses at my parent's house this past summer.
Our rain barrel.  I'm searching for another one identical to this, to put on the other side of the house.  I want it next to our new vegetable garden with a soaker hose attached to it, for ease of watering.  Gaah, just thinking about gardening makes me want to look at seed catalogs!
My hydrangeas, lavender, and lambs ear's all buried in the snow.  The hydrangea to the far left didn't bloom for the first two years I had it, and now spits out these gigantic basketball-sized blooms.  The lavender is two different varieties and desperately needs to be dug up and find a new home, it's gotten huge and is way crowded. Sigh.  I love my lavender.  Is it summer yet??

Also a rescued fern from Home Depot.  You didn't hear this from me - but Home Depot throws away any plants that are even a little bit droopy.  Once a week I drive by their dumpsters out back  and could easily fill my car every time with their cast-offs.  And you're saving them from being dumped in a landfill.  I'm hoping this fern survives the winter, but I had no room for it inside. Good luck, little buddy.
Our entranceway, and my sad little neglected stick-planter.   It got blown over in a bad wind storm a few weeks ago, and I haven't had time to re-work it.  Someday ...

I'm hoping we get a little more snow.  The Mister has off most of the weekend and I want an excuse to be lazy and drink Bailey's and lay on the floor with the kids playing Playmobil.
Also, the lovely Jen has stepped forward once again to design me a button.  My laziness knows no bounds.
Have a great weekend all!

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  1. Good to know. I have Home Depot just down the road from me. I'll have to start making weekly visits come summer. :)


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