Monday, January 10, 2011

Preschool, aka The Hive of New and Exciting Infectious Diseases.

Mooch has always been a healthy kid.  5 years old and has never been on antibiotics.  Until she started preschool and started hanging around with the pack of germ-swappers.  She had just gotten over the cold she picked up before Christmas - this is her in a daze at her Christmas extravaganza:

 when she started coughing the other day.  That night she woke up at 3 am soaked in sweat, burning up with fever, shaking, and complaining about a headache and sore arms.  Mama's red flag went up and I started freaking out, thinking she had meningitis.  Ran downstairs to google it, and meningitis was the first result to come back.  The Mister convinced me to wait until morning to completely freak out and call the doctor, and by the morning she was better.  Still coughing but better.
Today she woke up, had a coughing fit, and ended up throwing up some mucus.  No more headache (she gets one later on in the day, but at that point I think it's from hacking all day.)  To add to the fun, Butterbean woke up at 1:30 am and was screaming and insisting she wanted to sit on the potty and then go watch Dora.  I let her sit on the potty and then convinced her to let me read her a Dora book and give her an eensy bit more bottle.  She conked out around 3, then Mooch was up at 5.  So the Mister is home with the anklebiters today and running on about 4-5 hours of sleep, and goes in today at 4:00 pm to work until 2:00 am.  Any nap vibes you can send towards us are much appreciated.
I actually took down all the holiday decorations yesterday, organized our little storage nook under the stairs, and vacuumed.  The Mister wrestled our tree out back to the patio, where it will stay until the weather warms up a bit and it can be planted in my parent's woods.  I'm going to start work on two little blessing pouches, one with Butterbean's umbilical cord stump in it, one with a lock of Mooch's hair in it, to be planted underneath the tree. 

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  1. Sending you all warm healing energy to help seed things along!


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