Friday, May 20, 2011

More Stuff

Either my home computer is being a dirty tramp or Blogger is, I can't figure out which one.  I have a whole bunch of pictures I wanted to upload, but it was being weird.  Anyway, I wanted to show you what kind of awesomeness can be found at Goodwill for $1.  ^^  My lily-of-the-valley, my favorite flower, came up huge this year, but is being crowded out by my lemon balm.  One teensy little lemon balm plant has completely taken over my 8 ft bed on the shady side of our house, so I think I have to get mean with it and cut it wayyy back.  A few stalks in my cute new owl vase, with lamb's ear and some petunia cuttings.  

Sigh.  I got trimmer-happy with my hydrangeas this year.  They had tons of little buds, and a few remaining dried-up blooms from last year.  So like a fool I hacked off all of last year's blooms, and all of the new buds promptly dropped off.  One of these days I'll learn to trust Mother Nature to take care of any tidying.  The middle structure has my new clematis vine, carefully transported from my Mom's house.  I have killed every single one of these I've ever had, but this one likes me!  Since I took this picture a few days ago it has climbed almost completely to the top of that structure.  This bed still needs to be cleaned up a bit, if it ever stops raining.
Yesterday we had some pretty intense thunderstorms during the afternoon, with the worst one kicking up right as I left work.  I have to park a good 1/4 mile from my building, and to get back to my car I have to cross our Green.  I like thunderstorms, as long as I can watch them from our covered porch or look out a window at them - I don't so much enjoy them when I'm running across an open area while lightning strikes flash close by.  I got home and my whole little family was napping, so I got to curl up and read and nap with The Mister for a bit (he's on vacation this week).  
And it didn't hurt that Mooch's Joe Corbi's order from school was delivered yesterday, since we ended up napping pretty late.  Threw together a salad, poured a glass of wine, and called it a night!
Have a peaceful weekend, loves!


  1. I love the way the Lamb's Ear, Lily of the Valley and Petunias look in that vase. So sweet and elegant.

    Blogger is the dirty tramp. Recently, it may take me 5 tries to get an image to load and sometimes I have to go all the way out of the post and then back in to get it to post. (dirty bitches.) ;-)

  2. What a bargain! I wish I had any kind of land to plant stuff and go trimmer happy, but I can't even use the terrace this year because of outside repairs *sigh*.

    At least now I can enjoy your site because I was having issues and couldn't enter for days. But I'm back!


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