Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thats What She Said

Since I have lots to share and no two things go together, how about I put this in "daybook" fashion, mmmkay?  Should this be a weekly thing?  Anybody anybody?
Favorite picture of the week:

 The minions curled up watching Backyardigans this morning.  Notice the "summer legs".  Every time Butterbean's knees heal, she falls and skins them again.  I swear we don't beat them, these kids are just forever running, jumping, climbing, and talking (the last one - they.never.stop.)

Least favorite thing of the week: Stinkbugs.

If they ruin my garden it's very possible you will find me curled up in the fetal position, crying.  For the love of all things holy, I spent $50 on heirloom seeds ... if I have to quit my job to hand squish these f$#%ers off my plants, the Mister will have to get over it.

Song I can't stop singing: Paint It Black by the Rolling Stones
Do I need a reason for this one?

I can't stop eating: Organic Pink Lady apples, and this amazing Coconut Lime Berry Cake.  If you make it, cut the sugar in half - it does not need an entire cup.  The Mister woke me up Saturday morning and requested this ... if he hadn't gotten up with the kids and let me sleep in, I would have told him to piss off.  But it's so easy and sooooooo good.

What I made this week :  Scrap-fabric flower headbands for Mooch.  She loves headbands, and since The Mister is usually the one getting her ready in the morning, these help her not look like a little hobo.

Rant of the week: I'm sorry, but I cannot get over the bashing Mrs. B took over the whole Circle Of Moms blog contest.  If you missed it, the contest is here (please vote for your favorite blog, whatever it may be!)and Mrs. B.'s blog post about the hoopla is here.  Yes, the bashers have apologized and have been removed from the contest, but I honestly cannot believe the hate spread by a bunch of alleged "Christians".  What an insult to the sweet wonderful Christians I know.  It would take up this entire damn post to cover all the misconceptions about Pagans, but allow me to hit on two that are burning me up right now:

Pagans do not believe in Satan.  Satan is a Christian concept, not a Pagan one.  The horned god that you see represented in Pagan works is the fertility god (just how deer sprout horns in spring when they are most fertile - get it?)
You don't need to pray for our children, and honestly ... isn't that a little disrespectful?  Isn't that implying that our children are in some sort of danger?  If raising your child to respect all forms of life, to take care of our Earth, to spread goodwill, to commit random acts of kindness, and to appreciate beauty every day is putting my child in harms way .. then by all means, pray away.  

And - the most dreaded - Thing I Have To Accomplish This Week:
I have to completely re-work our downstairs playroom/computer room.  I live with 2 clutter bugs and a two year old.  The clutter bugs would sooner chop off their pinkies then throw ANYTHING away ("Why are you throwing away that piece of paper Mooch scribbled on two years ago?  I WANT TO KEEP THAT!"  "Mommy, I need every single McDonald's toy I've ever gotten!  Yes, even the boy ones!")  I bought a few things to get the organizational groove on, and I need to sort and organize a ton of Mooch's school work from the last year, all our books (will I ever really read For Whom The Bell Tolls?  Prolly not.  Sorry, Ernie) and sooo much other crap stuff.  This is especially important now that the weather is heating up - our downstairs in a finished basement and is lovely and cool all summer long, I want to be able to enjoy it and not walk in and want to scream.

^ Connected to this project ... I need to dispose of some poor neglected fish.  Still alive.  I think a 100 lb dog and a cat who thinks he's a dog are enough pets for a little house.  What's the nicest way to do this?  We have a stream nearby, I'm thinking about sending them to live there.  

I'll be back, my lovelies ... here's a tease of a project I've just started ... what could it be? ;-)


  1. Oofda! You're a busy girl. First, this whole bashing pagans thing....I know, right???? What was the purpose of that besides being evil to a fellow mother. Good thing kharma is a bitch. Second, the Stones=AWESOME! My total fave is Beast of Burden....drool. Third, I know EXACTLY what you mean about the dread of trying to pry things from the hoarding fingers of hubby and children. Clutter makes me crazy. I have to literally sneak bags of items out of the house and then make a mad dash to the Goodwill or Salvation Army before anyone in the family spots me. Sigh.

  2. The photo of your little princess' is gorgeous! Those legs remind me of my sister and I, particularly in the spring - fall. We played outside constantly and sometimes you couldn't tell whether our knees were bruised or really tanned. The headband you made for Mooch is too adorable!

    Oh, this bashing thing. Doesn't it just make you crazy that seemingly intelligent people can be so ignorant? I also have some very good Christian friends who are so sweet and would just be appalled at this behavior. If anyone needs prayed for, it is the state of a society that condemns things that they know absolutely nothing about. (sigh) Bastards. Well, I feel better. ;-) Have a great week, my dear friend.

  3. love this post Lydia! The kids are so cute! and that headband.... very nice I can totally see that as a side business.

    I have to say that the bashing story infuriated me! I clicked over and read the post and that had me even more annoyed. I ended up going to the site and voted for every pagan blog I could find on the list! There is nothing worse than people who profess they are Christian and then go and bash other peoples beliefs. I could go on and on but I won't.

    Happy Friday!



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