Monday, May 16, 2011

My First Award - Woot!

The fantastical Miss Colleen at Cheap Wine and Cookies hit me with an award!

 I am not going to promise to not get big-headed over this.
So lemme see if I can do this right:

  •     Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post. You rock, Lawyer/Marine/Mommy/Wife Person!
  •     Tell your readers seven (7) things about yourself.
  •     Give this award to fifteen (15) recently discovered bloggers.
  •     Contact those bloggers and let them in on the exciting news. 
1.) I am compulsively cheap.  I think this is why I don't enjoy clothes shopping like the rest of the female population - honestly I'd rather spend money at the farmer's market or Goodwill.  And yes, I buy clothes there - and get complimented all the time on the bohemian look.  :-)  It's also why I will probably never get a smart phone, I could think of lots of other ways to spend that money.  And it leads to me being fanatical about not wasting food or electricity.

2.) I have a bit of survivalist in me.  I remember reading Valley of The Horses by Jean Auel and being mesmerized about how this woman had to survive, and do so by her own wits.  With the state of the world being so crazy, being self-sufficient is very important to me.

3.) The first time I picked up a deck of tarot cards, it felt like I got an electric shock.  I randomly drew a card and it was the Queen of Cups.  I looked up the meaning and was thunderstruck - it fit me to a T.  To this day before I read the cards I sit and meditate with my hands covering the cards until I feel that hum of energy coming from them - and my readings are always insanely accurate.  Mooch now loves to play with the deck, and I had her draw cards the other day and she got a reading that was dead on.

4.) When I was living with an ex-boyfriend who was completely irresponsible (don't we all have one?)  he used to use my car and get a lot of parking tickets and never told me about them.  I found out via a scary letter telling me my license was about to be revoked.  I ran down to the court building to pay the fines, only to discover that I was $8 short on cash and they would not accept a check, they were closing in 15 minutes (and this was the last day to pay the fine) and for the love of all things holy I could not find an ATM.  Feeling panicky I ran into a little restaurant and went up to the man behind the counter and blurted out "If I write you a check for $8, will you cash it?   I know you don't know me (started crying here) but I'm desperate and the women in that building are evil and I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO."  The man behind the counter patted my hand, opened the till, and took out a $10 bill.  "Here honey, take it.  You would do the same for me."  Those words ran right through me.  Would I?  Would I have put myself out there for someone else?  The fact that this man was blindly believing that I was a good person and wasn't going to, I don't know, buy drugs; was so humbling.  I thanked him and he repeated it again "You would do the same for me."  That experience reminds me of the person I want to be, every day.

5.) When I was 5 months old, I almost died from intucesseption (sp?).  It's basically when your intestines get tangled and you can't release any waste.  I was bleeding out when it was discovered, and I was medi vacced to a hospital and operated on immediately.  I have a scar that goes completely across my stomach and created a permanent fat roll - but I could be dead, so I'll take it.

6.)  Running is spiritual to me - I run as much for the mental health benefits as the physical benefits.  And I had never liked running before I had Mooch - I started to lose weight and have never stopped.  One of my biggest fears is being injured and not being able to run again.

7.)   The Mister and I did all the "wrong" things when our relationship started - we went home together the first night we met, we basically never spent a night apart again, and we had said I love you within a month.  11 years and two babies later - take THAT, "Rules" ladies!

OK, tagging.  15 fucking people?  Ugh.  By the way, I like to swear when I'm not around my kids, I probably should have added that on.  
Anywho - I will tag

1.) Bumber's Bumblings
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4.) Dark Mother Goddess
5.) Mrs. BC's House of Chaos
6.)  Kally's Cauldron
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13.) Pagan Culture
14.) Blissful Karma
15.) Goats In The Garden

Since I'm short on time, just be aware that I love all of these ladies and their posts make me laugh and think and all that good junk.  Have at it, ladies! :-)


  1. Congrats!

    Well, we have to say we share many things in common. You know I live in NYC and food (restaurants) are super expensive here. I refuse to eat out most of the time--my Piano Man shakes his head and tells me "You'll always be the cheapest date in the world."

    I also get big headed when I get awards. I mean, why shouldn't I? My bloggy friends follow a bunch of people, but they thought of moi, how cool is that?

    I'll proudly display my award in a few days. Thanks so much!

  2. Thanks very kindly for the award love!

  3. Thanks for the award!

    I do treat myself to eating out, but totally cheap out on clothes. Not a clotheswhore at all. Or shoes. But purses are another story!

    Congrats on you and the Mister sticking it to the "rules people!"

  4. Awwww you're a doll, thank you:)

    I hate spending money on clothes seems like such a waste when you can get them much cheaper second-hand. It does however drive my hubby crazy because for some reason, he LOVES clothes shopping with me (that could be a whole post unto itself...)

  5. Oh honey, you are just adorable! I am also a huge tightwad and proud of it. Once hubby called me from the bathroom where he was showering and when I opened the door he held his hand out from the shower curtain with this tiny sliver of soap (that still had plenty of lather) and said, "Sweetie, I know how you like to use everything up completely, but can I please have a new bar of soap before this one gets lost in the crack of my ass?" TIGHTWAD!

    I love your self sufficiency, that you have been blessed with the gift of true generosity, and that you lived and grew into such a healthy, vibrant and beautiful woman. Have a wonderful week and I hope you received my email a few days ago thanking you for this awesome award. I LOVE AWARDS!!!


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