Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sweaty Betty

I've just done a lunch time mad dash to Goodwill for some treasure hunting, and returned with a bag o' loot!
  Today's temp is hovering in the high 80's, and the humidity is approximately 1 kajillion percent.  The kind of weather where *no one* (I mean me) can possibly look presentable for more than 5 minutes. 
I am sweating like, well ... me in church*  As I walked back with sweat rolling down my face, soaking my hair, and surely making happy lil' smile imprints on my pants below my butt cheeks, I had to wonder : am I a sweaty freak?  Do I do this every year when it gets hot?  I think I may need to lay the blame on genes.  I'm a mutt really, but predominately French, German, and Irish.  Think brisk temperatures, wind-swept tundra, rocky forbidding shores.  Not blazing sun and stifling humidity.  I also burn and then freckle in the sun, so I avoid it if possible.  Right now I have a farmer tan from working in the garden in tank tops - my shoulders and upper back are a deep caramel, and the rest of me is fish-belly white.  The lovely shade where you can see all my veins and whether or not I shaved my legs this morning.
No, we are not a hot-weather people ... although I do retain fat very well (making me especially hardy through lean winters), I have broad shoulders (I could probably pull a plow after the horse gets tired), and I do possess the famous child bearing hips.  Thanks ancestors.
Oh, and the fabulous treasures have me in a crafty mood.  The crafting gods hit me with a fantastic idea on my walk back, and I will be posting about that in days to come.  Stay cool, chickens!

*Disclaimer - the last time I set foot in church, the whole bloody place went up in flames, so this is a hypothetical situation.  


  1. You really know how to gross a girl out, sister.

  2. You're welcome. I hope you were eating ;-)

  3. I'm Scottish/Irish/German/Norwegian (mutt) and I freckle/burn/sweat/stink, too. I have to carry deoderant with me and reapply. People think it's hot. ;)

  4. I'm mostly Czech and Polish and it happens to me too. Especially when the humidity is up.

  5. I hate humidity and hot summers! Most of my muttishness is from the Scandinavian countries so I too, am not made for sweat and ick. We viking women prefer to be cool and arid and perky!

  6. Dude, I'm like dairy, I need refrigeration.


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