Tuesday, May 3, 2011

All-Clear, and Ag Day

She's OK!
Dermatologist checked Mooch out and said she has hereditary moles (moley moley MOLEY) and that they are fine.  My aunt had reminded me the other day that our Pop-pop was covered in moles, and that she probably had the same thing.  Mooch walked into the dermatologist's office and unfortunately they had the room set up for the appointment after her - someone who was getting shots.  Frickin syringes everywhere.  She looked at me and collapsed in tears on my lap, sure that the whole "you're not getting shots today" thing was a bald-faced lie.  Luckily the promise of a milkshake afterward got her through.  Thank you again for all your good wishes and love sent her way.
Saturday was the University's Ag Day, one of my all-time favorite events.  The Mister was working so I filled up the tires on our sweet John Deere wagon, packed up all our essentials and headed out with the minions.  We stayed for almost 4 hours and had so much fun!  
Mooch being dressed up as a buzzy-bee at the honeybee exhibit.  See that booth thing in the background?  Full of bees.  One of the entomology students (jealous) stood in there and talked to the kids about the importance of honeybees while they swirled around her.  Butterbean was too into her ice cream.  The University has a creamery that just opened, featuring ice cream made from the milk of the cows we have in our Ag department.  Isn't that awesome?

A baby calf!  Right next to her was a big mama cow who had given birth 6 days before.  The girls absolutely loved the cows, the calf was licking Butterbean's fingers and trying to nurse.
I met up with a neighbor and her son, and the kids were going crazy on the hay bales, racing back and forth (probably burning off the sugar rush from the ice cream). 
Mooch with You Dee, our school mascot!  Butterbean was terrified of the giant blue chicken.
Petting bunnies.  I really, really want to get a bunny, but that may put The Mister over the edge.

Dancing!  The bands this year were really good.  Butterbean danced for about a minute, but I could barely tear Mooch away.  Look at this face!

Hay maze!  I probably could have just thrown a bunch of bales in our backyard and they would have been in heaven.
Look at this cute lil' buzzy bee

And pony rides.  Mooch is an old pro at pony rides since we have approximately 85 gazillion farm festivals around us, but this was Butterbean's first time ever.  She LOVED IT.  Like, threw a screaming tantrum when I went to get her off loved it.  Kid, these rides are $5 a pop!

I hope you all had a peaceful, lovely weekend.  We are celebrating Beltane all this week, planting like crazy and being outside as much as possible.  I have to take pictures of the goings-on in our yard, there have been some MAYJAH changes :-)
Peace and love to all my lovelies!!


  1. Halledamlujah. I'm so glad about your little sweetheart...she and you have been on my mind. Whew.
    Looks like Ag day was a blast. Lucky you, lucky kids.
    The Olde Bagg

  2. What great news! And Ag day looks like life here on the farm every day! We want bees... there is a local bee farmer here and I think we can talk him into putting some bees near our gardens.

  3. Oh I am so happy Mooch is A-OK! And it looks like you all had an awesome time! I wanna pony ride too! :( LOL

  4. I have been thinking of Mooch all weekend and have been watching for your follow up post. I am so overjoyed to hear this wonderful news. Whenever I have a scare like this in my life it just makes me want to savor every second of life. Your photos are too sweet for words and I am so glad the day was all you could have hoped for. Blessings to you and that beautiful family!

  5. So happy all is well. The threat of anything 'C' related is so scary, especially when it has to do with your kids. Love the pics of the fair. Looks like loads of fun.


  6. What FANTASTIC news! You must be so relieved :)

    Your family excursion looks like a great day out, I am always looking for stuff like that to take the monkeys to. We went to a uni open day a few years ago & an entymologist was very enthusiastic about crickets - she had chocolate dipped crickets for people to try. She said that after a few, the chocolate made her feel sickly so she switched to the plain ones (!!)

    Also - Bees! I can't get away from them, lately. Everything I read, see on tv, hear about. The other night I dreamed I had a bee tattoo on my neck! What do you think this means??


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