Thursday, April 28, 2011

Totally Overwhelmed ....

By all the good vibes and support.  Thank you, friends - your energies are not wasted!
The doctor said he could see why I was concerned, that the freckle definitely had a slight color variation and the edges were ragged.  He referred us to a dermatologist, who we will see Monday morning at 9:00.  The Mister is an absolute wreck - he almost stayed home from work yesterday, and he just keeps hugging her.  She's a little confused about why she's getting all this attention - I tried explaining it as sometimes you have moles or freckles that can make you sick, and it's important that a dermatologist look at them and make sure they are ok.  I will cross the burning-off-the-offending-spot bridge when I come to it.  Given that The Mister had to physically restrain her as she kicked the nurse while getting her lead-screening blood draw, the Goddess only knows how THAT will go.  I'm going to start stock-piling bribes.
While my rational mind still says it's nothing, and if it is anything we have caught this very early, I can't shake this cold pit in my stomach.  I give full props to any parent who has to deal with a serious illness in their child's life .. 
Thank you for all your continued prayers and healing energy ... you are all a blessing!


  1. I am SURE she will be fine. Even if it is something (which it's not), I suspect it would be easily treated. My dad had a spot of skin cancer a few years ago, and it was a super simple fix. He hasn't had a [skin or cancer related] problem since.

  2. You and Mister both be of good cheer. All be well. I and my grands have included your darling girl in our good thoughts circle we have every night and so you can let her know that 2 kiddos and an old bagg are thinking positive thoughts for her, or as my grandson says....we're pouring good thought on her. The Olde Bagg

  3. It will all be just fine, honey. Try to take deep calming breaths (also the Mister) so you don't make yourself sick with worry. My thoughts of healing continue to flow your way along with all of the others.

  4. Hey Lydia I haven't checked in here in a bit and just read about what's going on! I can understand why you would both be a wreck. I'm sure too that all will be well. Sending you lots of love and positive healing energy.


  5. Life is full of scary situations, unknowns, and what-ifs, but it is SO important to remember that everything happens for a reason and that more times than any they happen for the better. Skin cancer is a scary thing, especially when it involves our kids! I am sure that it is nothing to worry about and everything will turn out well for you and your family. I am keeping you in my thoughts! Positive healing energies to you!


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