Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lazy Weekend On The Compound

This past weekend the Mister was on midnights, so the anklebiters and I had to get out of the house during the day so he could sleep.  We almost always head to my parent's house, which we call The Compound because we always joke that they need to just build us each a house on their 5 acres so we can start a commune.  They have gorgeous woods all around their house, and me and the girlies like to go exploring.
Butterbean heading into the woods
She was very impressed with this stick.
"Where are the faeries, Mama?"
Maybe hiding in this moss?
Or in a naturally-occurring faerie house
Let's go back to Mama Lou & Pop's ... I need a snack.
First open bloom on their star magnolia
"Quit taking pictures of the tree, Mama!  Lookit me!"
My beautiful Mooch.
Me & my firstborn ... horrible picture of me, but oh well!
Zackie through the tree.  "Get up Mama, throw the dang ball!"
Sorry Zac, it's more fun to sit and watch the shenanigans!

Sangria and the sunset ... not a bad way to end the day.  The kiddos decided they wanted a treat too ... anyone up for ice cream?


  1. lovely photos! what a wonderful forest to play in!

  2. Your girls are so adorable! I agree with Katherine, the forest looks like great fun! :)

  3. What fabulous photos! Your daughters are so beautiful, full of life and personality. They look just like you. It's too bad the fairies were too shy to show themselves to your little darlings. ;-)


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