Monday, April 18, 2011

Thank you, Pink Moon

Guess what, guess what?!?!??!!!

 It's almost done!!  The Mister not only woke up yesterday morning and said, "Let's go for a nature hike" (Who ARE you?), when we got home from said nature hike I went inside and fell asleep with the kids and he headed out and leveled the garden plot and put down the first two tiers of the raised bed.  AND that morning he vacuumed, without me asking him to.  Needless to say, our weirdness/dry spell is o-v-e-r. ;-)
It's a good thing this sucker is almost ready, since I need to plant peas tout suis, and my sprouts are growing daily
 I've been thinning them so there is one sprout per cup.  Lesson learned : Egg cartons are fine to sprout in, just cut up a paper towel or toilet paper roll and stick them down in each cup - they prevent the seedlings from drying out.  Also, bottom water your seedlings.  These are set in a cheap rimmed tray, and every morning I dump about a cup of water in the tray.  I had given up on several seedlings and was about to dump them, when I started bottom watering they shot up.
Here are some pictures form our hike - this was at White Clay Creek State Park, which is gorgeous.  They have an amazing outdoor concert festival every summer, and lots of programs for kids and adults.
The girls and I looking off a beautiful old bridge.  (And is that the guy from Scream in the background?  WTF?!?)
Butterbean was convinced there were sharks in it.  We had to stop several times so she could wave to them.
 Mooch was in charge of the wild beast.  How cute are her little boots?
 Down by the creek (or the "crick" as my mother's people call it)

Thanks for getting a shot of my flat ass, Mister!

Mister and Mooch exploring.  

Butterbean kept wearing out her little legs and needing to return to the stroller.

I loved this tree, with all it's bumps.  It's in a field of skunk cabbage.

Mooch was very excited to stomp through any and all water sources.

We came across this floodplain that was level with the path.  I *think* it's a vernal pond, and is not flooded year-round - but we'll have to go back and check.  There were two pairs of geese on it that the girls attempted to 'talk' to.

My babies.  Butterbean was exhausted at this point.

They're hard to see, but there were tiny yellow flowers everywhere.

And fiddlehead ferns.

Butterbean thought Mooch needed some rest time.  "I push my seester, Daddy!"
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!  How did the moon effect you?


  1. Looks like a good time was had by everyone and bravo to the hubster for building that beautiful garden plot.

    The Full Moon affected me as it does almost every month. I become full of piss n' vinegar and am either insanely happy and social or ready for a bar room brawl....last night the husband and I argued for 2 1/2 hours. I think we should just avoid each other on the full moon.

  2. Oh, what wonderful photos! Your children are as adorable as always and yes, I love those boots. That pic of Mooch and "the wild beast" is adorable! He is bigger than her! If it makes you feel any better I have a pretty flat ass too. ;-) So glad the tides are turning with the Mister.


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