Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Do You Have Some Good Vibes To Spare?

I was brushing Mooch's hair the other day when I noticed a freckle that came out on her hairline a year or so ago, had changed color and had gotten slightly bigger.  I studied it a bit more and the edges are slightly uneven.  Mooch has blonde hair and is fair complected, and plays outside 90% of the time.  We are ok with sunscreen .. the kids always have it on summer days, but we could be better about re-applying.  And Mooch tans ... where The Mister and I will burn, she turns this deep honey-caramel color and her hair bleaches out to white-blonde.  
Cancer is not a stranger to our family ... my Grammom died of lung cancer and my aunt died of colon cancer.  My mind almost immediately goes to "the big C"
I touched the freckle lightly, then kind of dragged my nail across it and asked Mooch if it hurt.  She said it did not.  I don't know if this says anything or not - it just made me feel slightly better.  
We are going to see our pediatrician today, who I know will probably not tell us anything, just give us a referral to a dermatologist.  
Please, send us whatever good vibes, prayers, thoughts, whatever.  Please think of our little family and especially my Mooch today.


  1. sending prayers -- it will be fine because you are a good vigilant mom.

  2. Will do, And keep us posted! Here's hoping it turns out to be nothing major. My brother was born with an abnormal birth mark on his leg that kept getting bigger, so they just removed it. He was about 3 when they took it off and he has been FINE, so I will be hoping that this is a similar situation.

  3. Oh! Good vibes definitely coming your way. Hopefully your regular doctor will tell you it's nothing to worry about. If you do see a derm, don't leave his/her office until all your questions are answered. (I usually write a list of all mine before going). Dermatologists unfortunately (in my experience) are notorious for giving out minimal information and belittling my concerns. Anyway, make sure to be fierce and get all your questions answered. *hugs*

  4. Of course, we will light a candle for your sweet Mooch. My baby girl had a similar situation at age 7 and like you I fawned over her sweet self and found the offending "thing". We became great friends with our dermitologist and all was taken care mote it be.
    The Olde Bagg

  5. Oh honey, of course I am sending all I can spare along with a burning candle. You are taking every necessary step and I an certain all will be well in no time. Keep us posted, will you?

  6. Sending you a big bundle of well wishes, hopes & brightness!! It's so awful to have this sort of health worry, especially about your gorgous children. I feel sure it is nothing, & even if it isn't you have caught it early, being the good mama you are.
    xxx to you & your family

  7. I'm sending you positive energies and good vibes. Try not to worry, she's so young and its probably nothing more than a mole or big freckle. Keep us posted, a candle is lit. :)


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