Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mr & Mrs Not My Mister

You know how you're going along as a perfectly happily married person, then you meet someone and go all mushy?
There is a grad student of Dirty Boss' who is all kinds of dreeeaaaaaamy.  I mean, blonde curly hair, great smile, nice eyes, the lot.  I am working the second day of a conference that Dirty Boss is running, and am running registration (thus my lack of blogging).  Dreamy Grad got assigned to be my helper for a while *devilish grin* 
So we start talking and he proceeds to tell me he has his own orchard (swoon 1), would love to have his own farm some day (swoon 2) and that he is spending the summer in Paris as an intern (swoon swoon swoooooooooooon)
IM'ed a friend: "Sitting next to HOTTEST GRAD STUDENT EVER.  Am in love.  He told me I don't look 32"  she sent back: "Ask him if you look like you're up for a little afternoon delight"
I mean honestly - The Mister should thank him for the fuel he will add to our fire.  *Fanning myself*


  1. too cute. You make me laugh.
    1st. yes you can come visit NM anytime. Bienvenidos....welcome.
    2nd. this story is too rich.
    3rd. yesterday took daughter (about your age) to get plants for a faery garden. damn good looking guy waited on us. We get home she's talking to her Dad. He asked how our day was, she says...well pretty typical except for the guy Mom and I wished we could have licked. Dad looks at us and says....too much informatation.
    4th He shoulda been glad for the heat production as you say, but we're old so....uh not so much.
    hugs, The Olde Bagg

  2. Hey, I'm all about heatin' up outside and sharing the fire with The Husband.

    Everyone needs a little eyecandy.

    When me and my bff go out and see a hottie the code is "there's something fun to do on a Sunday morning". : ) You're welcome.

  3. Girl your gonna get yourself in trouble! hahahaha Dont you just love those young hotties...getting old sucks! lol Your hubby is gonna be one happy mister tonight :)

  4. Oh girl, been there. Got home, barely got in the door and clothes were flying. (sigh)

  5. Oh my gosh! So funny! As a (fairly new, but not that new) newlywed who works from home and doesn't get out much, this hasn't happened to me... yet. :) Also, your blog made me realize that the word "swoon" is really very delightful. I think it should be used much more often that it is. I think I'm going to start using it, even when it's not really appropriate like "I am so swooning over this mac-n-cheese! Yum!" :)


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