Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vicious Killer

Someone was a little jealous Mooch was getting Mama time and he wasn't.

 Face of the beast

Obviously to be feared

Daggone Rottweilers!  So mean! 


  1. I couldn't love these pictures anymore! Jerry lays like that too, aren't those furbabies adorable ..... when they're not driving us nuts that is.

  2. I love it....big dogs are real dogs. Look at all that love in a fur coat.

  3. I have two wee ones myself. Both are muts we adopted. Little ankle biters/former dumpster divers. Are they not real dogs? They sure seem real when they have an accident on my floor. Your fur baby is super cute!..and I'm sure the "scary" look keeps hooligans away.

  4. He was adopted from my cousin who kept him locked in her garage. He's a German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix, and he is my baby! And he has caught someone breaking into our house, and pulled Mooch out of a creek by her pants once.

  5. Oh Lydia, so very sweet! I'll bet nobody messes with you and yours when he's around.


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