Thursday, May 12, 2011

You Can Be Rad, Just Not As Rad As Me.

Because *I* won the giveaway over at Goats In The Garden!  I won 2 bars of their handmade goat's milk soap.  If you are a frustrated homesteader like me who longs for goats, check out their blog and store, it will make you happy.
What has been going on in MamaLand?
Mooch's Mother's Day Tea was last Thursday.  

 That candle holder on the table she made for me.   She was so cute and proud of all her crafts, which were all so cute.

 "See, Mommy?  I gave myself 'Tangled' hair!  I look just like Rapunzel!"
Saturday we went to the opening festival of a state park near us, which was fun although hectic.  Having a 5 year old who likes to be pulled in a wagon, and a 2 year old who absolutely refuses to sit in it and wants to walk everywhere is an issue.  Mother's Day was good, although the Mister was working mids and was supposed to get out at 8 am, and instead had to stay until 11:30 due to some tomfuckery.  I find Mother's Day goes better if I tell everyone exactly what I want, so I did.  And I got to run and nap and get a Cosi salad for dinner with a big glass of red wine, and it was lovely.
I have been in the garden and yard non-stop over the last week, and I swore yesterday I would take pictures then I went ahead and forgot to.  As a Mother's Day present to myself I got a foxglove when I went to get mulch the other day.  I LOVE these ... if I had my way I would have cleared out there entire stock and got one in every color.  I planted it in the rear of the yard where I can see it from my kitchen window, right underneath a beautiful plaque of the Moon Lady.  
I have also bought :
a thornless blackberry
2 everbearing strawberries
tuberose begonia
And I have scored from the dumpster behind Home Despot an entire flat of beautiful tomato plants, with peppers mixed in.  They had also dumped two gorgeous planters of petunias - scored those too.  
Many, many pictures to come, loves.  Lots of upgrades to the yard, and today I will be attempting to transform our first rain barrel, a cast-off apple juice concentrate barrel, into a more functional one with a spout.  Our water bills have been ridiculous and I refuse to pay to water my garden.  
Be well.


  1. I can't believe I haven't raided Home Depot Yet!! Officially trying it tomorrow!

  2. First and foremost: "tomfuckery" = hahahahahaha! Though I am sorry that happened.

    A love Foxglove, my dad used to grow tons of it.

    I am so going to have to keep my eyes on the dumpster behind Lowes now!

    Cheers to red wine on Mother's Day.

    I was just telling MacGyver at lunch time that I want to have drying herbs haning all over my kitchen, and your post has now inspired me to txt him that we need a rain barrell. Or 6.

  3. Oh, a huge congrats on your win! I love goat's milk soap and when I leave here I am going to head over and visit them. You and mooch look so adorable in that photo and her crafts are just amazing! I know your garden is going to be overflowed with beauty and/or nutrition. Also, I tagged you in the Three Freakin Things questionaire. If you are up to it, please see the post on my blog. Have a wonderful evening.

  4. Congrats on the soap! I love homemade soaps.And Mooch's crafts are absolutely adorable!

  5. Congratulations on winning the goats milk soap!!! I love goats milk soap, there is just nothing like it. And after reading the beginning of your posts, I'm missing my little pygmy goats again, Starry and Bucky. They thought they were my doggies and would sleep on my lap and follow me everywhere. :) I love the pic of you and mooch...her crafts look so adorable!! And homemade presents are the best. :)

  6. I gave you an award over at Cheap Wine and Cookies:


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