Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Garden Progress and NEW Mystery Plant!

It was a dinner of accomplishment at our house last night - we picked an entire basket of radishes out of the garden,

 with some dill as well - and had sauteed radish and radish greens, wheat berry risotto, and grilled salmon with fresh dill and capers.  I wasn't quite sure what to do with the radishes and greens, so after scrubbing them I thinly sliced the radishes, then cut up the greens.  I heated olive oil in my biggest skillet, added the radishes and cooked them until they softened, then added the greens and 2 crushed cloves of garlic.  When the greens started to wilt I added a little white balsamic vinegar, and salt and pepper.  They were AMAZING.  My new favorite veggie preparation, and the Mister raved about them too.

I still haven't photographed my cloth napkin failure (the shame is too great), but if anyone has any suggestions for a favorite cloth dye that is not too chemical laden, I'd appreciate any advice.
Remember Mystery Plant?

 Well now it's doing this -

Hmmm.  I still have no clue.  And now we have another mystery plant

 This is why compost bins are the coolest things ever.  Not only do you grow your own fertilizer, help the planet, and keep worms happy - you also have these happy accidents.  If I'm right, and I HOPE I am, this is one of the sugar pumpkins we got from the farmer's market last year.  The sugar pumpkins of PUMPKIN DONUT MUFFIN fame, which deserves to be capitalized, trust me.
We have huge leaves that look like they are of the squash variety, so I was assuming it was a zucchini until I spotted this 

little curly tendrils that only vining squash produce.  It could also be butternut squash, and I would be equally pleased.

Sadly, my mustard green planter was an epic fail, i don't know if this was powdery mildew or some kind of pest that got to them

I would be more upset if the rest of the garden wasn't behaving so beautifully

This is a bullhorn pepper.  I had to google it :-)  Supposedly it gets to 8-10 inches long before it is ripe!

Mmmmm, lettuce.  My lettuce is SO good!  Check out my lunch today:
Lettuce, nasturtium, and radish.  Added to this was celery and carrot, and an herb vinaigrette. Mmmmm.

Something likes my cabbage.  
I had way too little time this morning playing in the garden (bees buzzing around my lavender, lady beetles checking out the 'maters), and now I'll be stuck at work.
Have a fun day, all!


  1. That mystery plant looks exactly like my butter lettuce before it died.

  2. Those radishes sound great. I wouldn't have known what to do with them either. Love the mystery plants. I have no guesses. My poor garden is getting fried by the super hot days and lack of sun.

  3. I am soooooo impressed not only that your garden is amazing, but that you come up with the best recipes for your fresh vegies just off the top of your head. Mooch looks too sweet in that lovely dress with no shoes and her basket full of bounty.


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