Monday, June 27, 2011

Hello Lambs.

Remember licking the bowl?  Before you had to worry about calories?  This is the minions doing just that, finishing up the cream cheese frosting for the zucchini cupcakes we made the Mister for Father's Day.

 I tried to pull the bowl away and they both started furiously scooping out as much as they could with both hands, which honestly made me proud and reinforced that they are definitely my children.
 I've been quiet lately.  Kind of off and frazzled and not feeling like there's enough of me to go around - so I'm taking vacation the week of the Fourth of July.  And my plans are - nothing.  Nothing!  OK, maybe we will got to the beach, and I have requested that my mom take the girls one day so I can knock out the 8,000 unfinished projects in our house.  But the rest of the time I plan to hang out in our yard and nap. 

 I've also been dealing with some issues in my extended family.  To keep it brief - a family member with a history of mental health issues is spiraling out of control.  The worst part is this person has children.  And they are about to lose their children, and their home (already lost is a drivers license, car, and job).   It is just so heartbreaking to see someone you have admired and looked up to become someone you don't know - someone you don't trust.  It's taking a toll on me.

 The running around craziness, coupled with family stress, has made me realize I need to slow down.  The girls and I were playing on the floor last night and I caught myself twice dazing off - making mental lists of what needed to be done, thinking about other people problems, etc.  I need to remember how to be present and appreciate.  My life does not need to be a shining example to everyone else - my life needs to be lived and appreciated.  The Mister accuses me of always over-scheduling myself, and he's right.  

 I'm finishing up a few projects at work this week so I can leave on Friday with nothing hanging over my head, and for the next week I'm going to practice being present.

 In other news, the garden - ummm.  It is GIGANTIC.  I knew the soil we filled in with (1/2 aged compost, 1/2 top grade organic garden soil) was good - but I had no idea it was THAT good.  If I don't pick squash for a day, the next day we have foot long zucchinis and yellow squash everywhere.  The radish are huge, the beets are huge, the peas spit out a basket full every other day.  
Yesterday I noticed the squash leaves were so big they were blocking the sun from other plants, so I hacked some back.  And in the process discovered 7 huge cucumbers on my cucumber plant, along with 3 more squash.  The Mister said I looked slightly hysterical when I came in.  It is kind of like my garden keeps having illegitimate children in the night.  

 I am off to finish a project or two and get some yard time in with the minions.  Peace!



  1. So glad to hear your garden is doing so fantastically! I can't wait to have my own house so I can have a huge garden in my backyard. I love the pictures of your kiddos. I do that every time I make something sweet. Gotta lick the bowl at least once!

  2. Your garden is having illegitimate children at night....LOL!! What a dirty, dirty garden. Hee hee!

  3. So sorry to hear about the family stress.

    I'm having the same 'problems' with my garden this year. I've got peas everywhere! At least all my friends are eating well - lol!

    Love the pic of the kids & the bowl! My brother & I used to fight over the bowl when we were little too.

  4. Those photos of your princesses remind me so much of my sister and I. Girl, we still are known to lick the bowl!

    You crossed my mind on my way home from work last night. I was hoping you were okay since you have not posted in a little while. Of course I am already super impressed you post as often as you do with a job, 2 small children, a husband, dog, cat, crafts, shopping, ever growing and producing garden and home cooking...well shit! wonder you are worn out. ;-)

    I am so sorry about you extended family member. There is not much more heartbreaking than a situation like that. Sending you blessings.

    Fully enjoy your vacation and don't forget to grab that bottle of wine!

  5. I'm so sorry about your family member...uggggh...that kind of thing is never easy and really weighs on your mind. But the girls look like they are really enjoying licking the bowl! hahahaha my son is 20 and he STILL asks to lick the bowl everytime i bake something. Hang in their's crazy now but it always seems to get better at some point. Light a blue candle in your home, it's soothing and promotes calmness and harmony. :) Your in my thoughts :)


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