Thursday, June 9, 2011

It Is ....

Bloody F-ing HOT.  
99 degrees here today, in fact.  It was this way yesterday too - when I got home from work my whole lil' family was napping, so I did some stuff around the house (including what may or may not have been a craft gone horribly wrong - we shall see), and watered the garden for a second time since everything looked droopy.  Since it was too hot to do much more than sit around in the lovely, wondrous central A/C, we headed to our YMCA waterpark!  We are lucky enough to have a Y pool, built two years ago, with a water slide and a whole bunch of other cool stuff.  We stayed there until dinner time, then my sister and her fiance met us at home with takeout from our favorite Middle Eastern place.  Perfect!  And nothing makes your minions sleepier than swimming all afternoon.

So.  I have a new girl-crush.  I StumbledUpon Sayward Rebhals' amazing blog, Bonzai Aphrodite, a few weeks ago, and promptly read through everything she has ever written.  At first, as a happy omnivore, I read over it out of curiosity.  But her approach to food, and her amazing recipes and advice, have inspired me to incorporate some vegan elements into our diet.  I don't know if I could ever go completely vegetarian, or vegan - happy days start with eggs over easy, for me - but getting more fresh "real" foods into your diet is never a bad thing.  

So I've been eating mostly vegetarian, with even a few vegan meals thrown in (!).  It just makes sense, with our garden starting to churn out produce, and the unbearably disgusting heat that makes turning on my oven the last thing I want to do.  And I feel lighter.  Cleaner.  Better able to focus.  
And the kicker is ... I put on pants this morning that a few weeks ago fit me like a hug, to discover that they don't fit.  Not just don't fit -were HANGING off of me.  Every time I've made a decision to focus on health and forget about losing weight, it just comes off.  

And - excuse the crappy camera phone picture - I'm eating some really yummy stuff

Lunch today was radish greens, tomatoes, basil leaves, and a bit of ricotta on whole wheat toast.  I brought this and a Pink Lady apple - and was too full to eat the apple.  
Now it's a challenge every day to keep this going.  I'm hoping between this shift and incorporating "juiced" smoothies, I can get the girls to be better about eating veggies.   

Annnddddd in other news - my evil sisters (not really, but I'm mad at them right now) are going to see Mumford & Sons tonight without me!  Traitors!!!! This is my favorite song right now, I will leave you with this.  When I heard it the first time it reminded me of quiet summer thunderstorms and heat lightning - then I found out the title was actually "After The Storm"

Try not to lick the screen ... Marcus is pretty edible! :-)



  1. I'm excited for you! And I'm going to have to go check B.A. out!

    Sometimes, I find the vegetarian (and health food thing in general) to be very hard. And sometimes I lapse on the health food and eat a whole bag of milano cookies in two days . . .

    But sticking with the veggie-ness in the first place makes those little lapses SO much more rewarding and the day to day healthiness so worth it.

  2. We are definitely not a family of vegetarians but, damn it, beans are so cheap! ;)

  3. I love this post and am inspired by your healthy food shift. I'm hoping to make this shift as well. My goal is to eat lots of leafy greens and brightly colored veggies, fruits, legumes and very little red meat. Chicken and fish will remain a part of our diet, but hopefully a small part. We'll see.


  4. It's so hot here too!! 103 and 106 in Florida. This morning seems a little cooler finally!! Yuck!! Annnnnd if I never eat another piece of meat i would be perfectly happy. My husband is meat and potatoes tho so it makes it tough when i have to cook it all the time. Eating vegan makes me feel so much lighter and better. :) Annnnnnd lol I love Mumford and Sons!! I've listened to the video 3 x times and he sort of reminds me of Jeff Buckley. They've got themselves a new fan :) Thanks for the share!!

  5. This freaking heat is absurd here as well. I cannot imagine what August will be like.

    I love your sandwich! Delicious! I am certainly going to check out Bonzai Aphrodite and thanks so much for the awesome video. Oh yes, Marcus is quite lickolicious.


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