Thursday, June 30, 2011

Garden Update, Etc.

From this ....

 To this ....
 Yeah.  May I point out again that the only fertilizer ever used in our garden was our own, home grown compost.  
And the mystery plant turned out to be ...
Pat yourself on the back if you guessed calendula!  This is blooming like crazy right now.  Plenty for extracts and essential oil.
Favorite Picture of The Week:
He he he.  This is a sign that hangs on Mooch's door.  She got mad at me when I took away one of her toys because she hadn't cleaned up her room, and she stomped off and slammed her door, then came out a  minute later and grabbed a pen.  I walked down to see she had drawn a picture of me, put an "x" through it, and wrote underneath "I love Daddy"  She came out in tears saying, "I wrote something mean about you Mommy, but I didn't mean it!  I love you too!"
Least Favorite Thing of The Week:
 This stupid douchebag cat.
 Meet Nunzio.  (Yes, Nunzio.  We have an obnoxious Italian last name, I couldn't resist making him sound like a gangster kitty)
 Nunzio is obsessed with the Mister.  He sleeps on his pillow, he meows at the door when the Mister isn't home.  If he could figure out how to crawl inside the Mister he would happily spend the rest of his life spooning his kidneys.
 The Mister is on midnights (BOOOO) right now.  Stupid cat is beside himself with kitty agony.  Stupid cat has woken me up the last three nights walking around and doing this screech-y howl in protest.  Stupid cat would make excellent hawk food.
Song I Can't Stop Singing:
Awake My Soul by Mumford & Sons (I'm obsessed)

Sigh.  Dreaminess.
I Can't Stop Eating:
My homemade nut butter! <-, ok the words "nut butter" will pretty much always make me giggle.
Bonzai Aphrodite has instructions here, and you can customize it however you want.  Almond butter was at our Co-op for FUCKING FIFTEEN DOLLARS A JAR, so I decided to make it myself.  Picked up raw unsalted almonds, a huge bag of them for $5.  Added some raw sunflower seeds that I had leftover from making granola, and blended it up.  BA recommends not adding any additional oil, but you have to blend this for a really, really long time, and I had an antsy 2 year old at my feet, so I added a little sweet almond oil to get it to the creamy stage a bit faster.  I have a jar at work to top apples and bananas with, and a jar at home.  Yummo!
What I Made This Week:
OK, I only have the starter pictures.  Crap.  And I *still* have not posted pics of the cloth napkin epic failure.  Will do both tomorrow, I swear.
Anyway, I wanted a bird bath, but I didn't want a plastic one because, well - eww.  And the stone ones started at $100.  No.  
Hmm, I have that leftover all-weather adhesive.  And pots at Home Despot are only $8 each, and the woman at the counter forgot to charge me the $3.99 for the saucer.  

You get to see the finished product tomorrow!
Rant Of The Week:
Other than that smelly boss had me book a whole trip for him yesterday, only to cancel it today - I'm good!

(Courtesy Natalie Dee)
Things I Have To Accomplish This Week:
* Start digging rain garden
* Finish repairing torn screen (trim needs to be nailed back in place)
* Move new desk into place, transfer everything from old desk

Yes, we are re-doing our downstairs.  Zac had a, ahem - "stomach issue" all over the downstairs last year.  We cleaned and steam cleaned and everything else, but when the humidity is bad I still think I can smell it.  We're getting it professionally cleaned, and if that doesn't do it we have to re-carpet.  I also am thinking of stripping the hutch that's down there and refinishing it - you know, in all my spare time.  I want to make it a more comfortable, live-able space for us all.

Finished pics of crafts, both successes and failures, tomorrow.


  1. My cat is like that with J. He is obsessed with him. ^_^;;

    I bet your birdbath is going to look awesome once you're done with it!

  2. "If he could figure out how to crawl inside the Mister he would happily spend the rest of his life spooning his kidneys." - I seriously almost peed. The whole cat part was hysterical.

    Garden is looking amazing!

  3. your "before" photo looks about like my mile-high garden right now. we're hoping for a warm autumn.
    love the birdbath!

  4. Wow! SUPER FREAKIN GARDEN!!! Isn't it such an awesome feeling to see those before and afters?

    Your little Mooch is quite the artist! The story is too cute and even touching. She loves her mommy so much!

    Love your birdbath (kudos on the $3.99 saucer. I always see that as a gift from the Universe.) and hell yeah, you are awesome!

    Also, I am super behind on my blog reading and am just now notifying you that I left an award for you on my blog on the June 30, 2011 post. You don't have to do anything with it, just to let you know you brighten my day, sweet one. ;-)


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